Mr. Swan's STEAM Machine!


Welcome to Mr. Swan's STEAM Machine. I'm a Technology Teacher with the Cobb County School District. This site was originally created to accompany my classroom instruction, but it is also designed to be used by anyone interested in STEM educational strategies, engineering, or just technology in general. Content included in this site is used in my classroom for instructional purposes and has been proven effective.

If you are one of my students, and you are looking for my Office 365 login (class notebook), click here.

As we go through the curriculum, I will ask you to access this site to follow along during the lessons, as well as using on your own if you wish to study on your own time. There is a lot of interesting content here to look through. The sidebars are located on the right side of the webpage(s). I encourage you to explore them as well; however while we are in class, I ask you to stay on-task for the corresponding lesson. If there are any questions about this, feel free to ask Mr. Swan. There is often some "spare" time at the end of class that I will allow you to use the "I'm Finished Websites" on my blog. You can always access this site, along with any other site located in the "I'm Finished" section during this enrichment time.

As for this site, it contains quite a bit of information. Any URL that is relevant to the lesson will be shared in class and the instructions will be on the pages that are relevant to the lesson. The sidebars contains lots of relevant information for students to explore. Hyperlinks will appear yellow. If any links go dead, please inform me in class, or if you are viewing this online, please drop me a line here.

The site is broken down into three sections, one for each grade level that I teach, as well as a site directory that lists all the pages on the site in alphabetical order.

I hope you enjoy the site! Please email me with any comments/suggestions.